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Piranha 3DD And Why I Don’t Understand Hollywood

Yesterday Peter posted his dismay about Piranha 3DD being released in basically no theaters this Friday (It’s actually playing in 75 theaters, and ONE in NYC) and it got me curious as to what the hell is going on.  Well it turns out that The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films are trying out a new release strategy.  They are releasing Pirahna not only in theaters Friday, but also on VOD services as a rental.  So essentially if your cable provider allows new releases On Demand, you will be able to rent it right from your cable, or from services like Playstation Video Store, VUDU, or Amazon Instant Video.  It also has the distinction of being the first-ever Facebook 3D film release.  If you still want to watch this in 3D they will have  a version available that works with the old school red and blue glasses.  If you don’t have them, they will also have directions on how to ghetto-rig some.

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