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Put yourself in Lynne Ramsey’s shoes for a moment. You just finished writing and directing ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin.’ You could probably have your pick of great scripts to direct now, but you decide you want to write something for yourself. What do you do?

Space Moby Dick.
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Moby Dick and Two Film Theory

Deep Impact/Armaggedon.  Antz/A Bug’s Life.  The Truman Show/Ed TV.  The Illusionist/The Prestige.  Prefontaine/Without Limits.  Infamous/Capote.  Madagascar/The Wild.  Dante’s Peak/Volcano. Tombstone/Wyatt Earp. No Strings Attached/Friends With Benefits.  Chasing Liberty/First Daughter.  Paul Blart: Mall Cop/Observe and Report.  Mirror Mirror/Snow White and the Huntsman.

Notice a trend there?  Everyone kinda know that this happens, but it’s not new, and it wont stop.  Hollywood on a regular basis, greenlights two films with pretty much the same plot or very similar plots and then rival studios race to get their film out first and claim to be the better of the two.  No matter how the releases work out, one is typically deemed the box office/critical victor, while the other is the dud.

It’s going to happen again, but this time to Moby Dick.

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