The Amazing Garfield 2 Webbs Up

Marc Webb’s involvement in the continuing adventures of younger sexy Spider-Man was up in the air for a bit but now he and star Andrew Garfield are confirmed to begin filming next year. the film is set to be released in May of 2014.

This is good news. My biggest problem with the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ was having to sit through their new back story. It was over an hour before we saw Peter in the red and blue spidey tights. Webb seems to care about the story he is building so keeping the team set in place is a good sign for a better sequel.

Once the movie got going it was enjoyable enough to deserve to exist. What is more important is this movie start with a bang and keeps energy up. I can’t sit through more Peter Parker boring time. I really think public perception was that this was entirely too soon and this needs to knock it out of the park for people to really care.

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One thought on “The Amazing Garfield 2 Webbs Up

  1. Dunn says:

    I’m happy about this. The Amazing Spider-Man origin story stuff was unneeded at best, and profoundly dumb at worst (there is literally no reason for Uncle Ben to go for that gun). That said, the Lizard fight at the high school felt so much like comic book Spider-Man, and I can’t wait to get more moments like that. Watching Dredd made me realize the problem with most of the comic book movies that have been coming out. Dredd was a Judge Dredd story it wasn’t the Judge Dredd story. Just hit the ground running, tell a great Spider-Man story, don’t try to be definitely and have the villain tied to his origin blah blah blah. Just tell a strong story with the character, hell, comics have been doing that for 50 years, find something there.

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