The Man Without Fear Should Terrify Marvel

The Ben Affleck starring ‘Daredevil’ was the first Marvel failure. The first two ‘Blade’ films came out with some success, though few knew its comic origins. ‘X-men’ blew everyone away showing the potential of a comic based film. ‘Spider-man’ destroyed expectations.

After DD was ‘Hulk’, ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Blade: Trinity’, ‘The Punisher’, and a continued list of disappointments until ‘Iron Man.’ Now they want to try it again.

Marvel has been extremely lucky over the past few years. Their film’s success isn’t luck, they are just brilliant. It’s with the non-Marvel Studios movies that luck comes in. The second attempt at a Punisher film was a quiet failure. The shit-show that was the Wolverine solo film was sucked up by piracy debate. ‘First Class’ was pretty good. No one pays attention to Ghost Rider.

With the upcoming release of ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ Marvel needs to make sure people know they didn’t mess up. Early reviews are calling the new film the first marvel movie for girls. It’s not Peter Parker. He’s cute and it focuses greatly on the love story.

With their characters elsewhere the brand can be lessened. Another shot at DD could do nothing. They can’t do Elektra, Kingpin, or Bullseye again if they want to be taken seriously. The only real option is to make it a ninja movie with the Hand as villains. This hurts Marvel if they had plans for an Iron Fist and Luke Cage team up, which would need to be ninja based with Luke Cage slightly out of place making it fun.

Wow, this was originally just going to be about the Josh Hartnett as DD rumors and kind of ran away from me. Personally I thought Ben Affleck was good casting. Josh Hartnett is too cute. Ugh, I really just said that.

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  1. russ says:

    I don’t really mind Hartnett too much. I really liked him in 30 Days of Night and August

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