Triple Bonded

Daniel Craig has signed on for two more Bond films after ‘Skyfall.’ Personally I haven’t enjoyed the new, younger, grittier Bond. I’m up for giving ‘Skyfall’ a chance and think Craig deserves a real trilogy.

I get why people like ‘Casino Royale’, but if you think ‘Quantum of Solace’ was good you’re an idiot. The writer’s strike really hurt that film leaving the production unable to hire a real writer to rewrite/polish as they went along, but if the original script wasn’t good then they shouldn’t have made it.

QoS was supposed to be a successful direct sequel to CR and with its failure ‘Skyfall’ looks to be taking a much different direction. Bond will still brood of course. I am looking forward to the direction they take continuing after this film. I am even more excited with the direction they take with the next Bond actor. This really is a franchise that will never end.

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