Vin, Buddy… We Need To Talk

Hey, Vin Diesel.

Let me just start off by saying you are amoung friends here.

We love the Fast and Furious franchise. Frankly Russ loves it perhaps too much. We are very happy that you are moving along with another Riddick film. ‘Pitch Black’ is criminally underrated ‘Iron Giant’ makes us weep. I once watched ‘The Pacifier’ twice in one day. Don’t ask.

It’s upsetting to hear about your film ‘The Machine.’ A family film about a government project to create a robot soldier that was shelved until a small boy finds it. The machine then has to protect the family when the government comes looking for you.

This is ‘The Pacifier’ except you are an actual robot and not just acting like one. Sorry Vin, you’re a bit robotic. It’s not new. It’s ‘Solo’ for kids. It’s ‘Suburban Commando’ without the weird alien bounty hunter stuff.

You’re better than this.

Your pals forever,

Movie Movie Podcast.

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4 thoughts on “Vin, Buddy… We Need To Talk

  1. johnnytigs says:

    “It’s ‘Solo’ for kids. It’s ‘Suburban Commando’ without the weird alien bounty hunter stuff.” I’d just like to add: It’s Mr Nanny…with a robot! ALL IN!

    • peter says:

      Haha damn. I knew I forgot something. Thanks tigs. You’re commenting a ton because you can’t think of a fake movie Friday aren’t you?

      • johnnytigs says:

        Not at all, I figured it out late last night and I’ve been giddy ever since. I’m almost done with it now. But I wanted it to be a surprise so I’ve been writing it in a google doc all day, since I know you like to troll the drafts. Just wanted to catch up on the posts I hadn’t been able to comment on.

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