We Should Stop Taking The Robocop Reboot Seriously

It was really only a matter of time. After a few months of incredible casting news that included Omar, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and the now off the film Hugh Laurie, the ‘Robocop’ news is turning sour. Who could have guessed it would be about the films foreign director having trouble dealing with Hollywood?

Jose Padhila is reportedly having trouble making the movie he wants to make. Most of his ideas are being shot down by the studio. This will of course lead to a lopsided and stale film. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is brought to do some reshoots and a heavy studio influence in the editing room. According to Fernando Meirelles, ‘City of God’ director and friend of Padhila, the whole process has been “like hell” for the new to Hollywood director.

‘Robocop’ was not exactly on solid ground when it was first announced. No one thinks it could really work or that it should be attempted. Letting a fresh director put his own personality into the film would help people take it much more seriously, but this is clearly not happening. No great a cast will save this film. Too bad.