Weekend News Round Up

It’s been a slow few weeks in terms of movie news, but somehow this weekend was a bit of a news explosion. Allow us to catch you up in case you spent your weekend having a life.

Some of the biggest news concerns the announcement of the official title of the ‘Star Trek’ sequel. Without a comma, colon, semicolon, or ellipsis the title reads as ‘Star Trek Into Darkness.’ Get it? This title is lame. I’m a fan of the number system personally, but I understand where they are coming from when they stated that there is already a ‘Star Trek II’ and they don’t want to step on it’s toes. But really, a pun? Is this a pun? It feels like a pun.

Rosario Dawson has signed on to return for ‘Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For.’ This is a huge no brainer. We’ve talked about the difficulty of casting this movie since it is a prequel to a section of the first film with Clive Owen’s character pre-facial reconstruction. Dawson’s character Gail plays an integral role in this story and you can’t replace Dawson and have the film be overly complicated in tying in with the first. Surprisingly Dawson hasn’t acted much lately, so this is a great move for her.

In a not surprising move we will be getting a Joe Paterno film. BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT! Al Pacino is rumored to be taking the lead role as the really beloved wrinkled guy who helped cover up the horrible attack of children. AMERICA!

Vin Diesel is circling a new film entitled ‘The Last Witch Hunter.’ It’s a film straight out of either Fake Movie Friday or the toilet, there’s little difference. “Diesel’s protagonist is one of the last in a long tradition of witch hunters. When a group of witches and warlocks join forces to suddenly and forcefully expand their numbers, however, it’s up to this guy to stop them before their population gets out of control.” Somehow this script was included on the 2010 Black List of the best-unproduced scripts in Hollywood. THE BEST!

UPDATE! A.K.A I forgot two things

David Thewlis is joining the cast of ‘Red 2.’ People may remember him as Lupin in the Harry Potter films or perhaps as the evil prince in ‘Dragonheart.’ Dragonheart anyone? Nope? Ok, fine. I’m very surprised and excited that ‘Red’ is getting a sequel, the first one was a modest hit, but more importantly a thoroughly enjoyable action film. Bruce Willis was his fun self, but it was the supporting cast (Malkovich, Mirren, Freeman, Cox) that really stole the show and made this film worthwhile.

The immensely talented Jeffrey Wright is joining the ‘Hunger Games’ team as Beetee. It’s really shaping up that the older cast is going to make this film much better than it has any business being. I enjoyed the first film but the young and in love storyline gets old very quickly.

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