First off, quick round of applause for me and that sweet title.

Thank you, but I can’t take all the credit. Some of it goes to the idiot producers who think this is a good idea.

Highlander is soaked in 80s. It’s the time spanning story of a group of immortals (unexplained) that can only die by decapitation and upon death, transfer their power to the immortal that killed them. Sean Connery, yeah that one, plays a Spainiard without any alteration to his accent. Genius.

Ryan Reynolds is rumored to take on the lead role of Connor Macleod. We’ve seen him attempt tough in ‘Blade III’ and lead an “action” film in ‘Green Lantern.’ Both of these attempts were far from successful. Does anyone think he can anchor an action film? Maybe as the title character in a real ‘Deadpool’ film but that character is more mouth than anything else. This is not like Connor Macleod. Reynolds is a poor choice.

The movie is a terrible idea as well because its about sword fighting. Sadly this action genre is dead. Unless there is a drunken acting Johnny Depp in it, any attempt has failed to draw big numbers. If this film won’t be sword fighting then it shouldn’t be called ‘Highlander.’

Seriously guys, how genius is Why-lander?

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2 thoughts on “Why-lander

  1. Dunn says:


  2. johnnytigs says:

    I agree with you Peter (also Why-Lander is great), but how much worse could this been than Highlander II: The Quickening… or Highlander: The Raven… or Highlander: The Final Dimension… or Highlander: Endgame… or Highlander: The Source….

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