Graphs: Beating A Dead Horse

I really enjoy making these graphs for the site. Thought it might be interesting to take a look at the history of film titles and find some patterns. First up ‘Variations of Death’

The first films to use any of these were in the 50s
‘Death of a Salesman’ 1951
‘I Died a Thousand Times’ 1955
‘Back From the Dead’ 1957
‘The Deadly Mantis’ 1957

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3 thoughts on “Graphs: Beating A Dead Horse

  1. Dunn says:

    Awesome. I wonder what the breakdown of each word by movie genre would be like. I’d guess horror would dominate ‘Dead’ especially (movies off the top of my head: Dead-Alive, Dead Next Door, all 6 Romero Dead movies, all 5 Return of the Living Dead flicks, Evil Deads I could go on). ‘Death’ you’d have stuff like the Death at a Funerals, so many less horror? I can only think of Deadly Spawn for ‘Deadly’ probably some horror in that. Oh wait, there is also 5 Deadly Venoms. And you’d have all the Die Hard flicks for ‘Die’.

    • peter says:

      I only count theatrical release films.

      Doing this sort of thing for family names next. Dad mom sister etc

  2. johnnytigs says:

    This graph is pretty awesome, I would also, like Dunn, like to see the genre break down for this and just might do it. Really interesting that none of it started until the 50’s. Excellent work Peter.

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