Why So Laid Back?

It doesnt seem like Nolan and company are really trying this time around.

‘Batman Begins’ surprised many with its serious and gritty tone. Even with hearing the overwhelmingly positive word of mouth it as tough to not have your expectations blown apart.

With ‘The Dark Knight’ they had a challenge on their hands. How do they introduce the Joker into the world. It was made a bit more difficult with the casting of Heath Ledger. Don’t lie, you didn’t think he could do it. So brilliantly, with the viral marketing they made you fear the Joker. We were exposed to him so much even before we saw a second of Ledger’s performance.

With Harvey Dent, someone who all knew would become Two-Face, we were made to believe in him. Before seeing the film you rooted for his success though knowing he was doomed to fall.

Bane is a strange voice to us. Catwoman is an uninteresting mystery. Joesph Gordon-Levitt is a cop who may be more. Marion Cotillard is possibly the daughter of the demon.

Why are they not getting us behind, against, or afraid of any of these characters? You entered the theater for ‘The Dark Knight’ emotionally attached to the news characters almost as much as those from the first.

Maybe they are waiting for ‘Avengers’ to go away, but personally I want more.

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4 thoughts on “Why So Laid Back?

  1. Dunn says:

    While I agree with you about Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard, I have to disagree with you about Bane. There is a menace and an intensity to the character that is present even in the glimpses we got from the trailers (and even moreso from the IMAX preview). In general I would rather have marketing err on the side of giving too little information then giving away too much. I was able to go into Inception knowing very little about it and the surprises really enhanced my first viewing, so I have faith in Nolan.

    • peter says:

      Just saw moonrise kingdom with you and forgot to yell at you about bane. Only interesting thing about previews and inaction scene was the guy willing to die for him. Other than that I don’t car about him

      • Dunn says:

        Respectfully disagree with you, but full disclosure, I’m not sure how much my man crush on Tom Hardy is clouding my mind.

        • johnnytigs says:

          I’m not sure how I feel about this anymore. I was so excited for this film, then the first previews came out and it seemed like a mess. Then the revamped previews came out and I found myself wishing for the mess. I have faith in Nolan, but I’m not sure how much faith he has in this franchise anymore. Also, every time I see Bale in the Batman outfit in the trailers, I laugh.

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