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Superman, Meet Terrence Malick!

Zack Snyder’s first crack at bringing us a Superman film that isn’t dreadfully boring is only a year away and with The Dark Knight Rises coming out this past weekend, most theaters got a print of this teaser.  There are two versions with different voiceovers; one being Supermans earthly father played by Kevin Costner, and the other voiced by his kryptonian father played by Russell Crowe.

I think that this might be the film to transition Snyder from substance over style, and with Christopher Nolan producing, maybe he can help bring the best tendencies out of Snyder.  Already this trailer evokes an incredibly pastoral sensibility, different in tone to any of the previous Superman films.  I think that if Snyder can channel a bit more of the Malick-like nature this trailer seems to hint at, but keep the action kinetic and make Superman do more than be the world’s greatest outfielder, he could be on to something.

Man of Steel comes out next summer, but this trailer will hold you over.  I’m excited.

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Batman Trailer & What A Fever Pitch Feels Like

They released a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, and my only question at this point is: Did you really need to?  This movie has sold out like every screening of it’s first night already.  It’s going to do a MONSTER number.  While I don’t think it will beat Avengers, I do think it will capture the weekend crown.  Stop spending money on dropping new trailers.  I don’t even want to see a trailer at this point.

But if you do:

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Why So Laid Back?

It doesnt seem like Nolan and company are really trying this time around.
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