Zombie A.K.A. Zombie 2

I realized that I have already done the trailers for 2/5th of my five favorite zombie movies, so I’ll continue with that. I also brought up European ripoffs of Dawn of the Dead, and this is the best example of one. Lucio Fulci’s Zombie came out one year after Dawn of the Dead and shares similar stylistic choices (i.e. the extreme gore) but it is a bit unfair to call it a ripoff (though I just did). Zombie does a lot of things different, for example the tropical location, crazy action sequences (zombie vs. shark!) and amazing makeup design (which I much prefer to Dawn of the Dead’s, sorry Tom Savini!). Moreover it was conceived and largely made completely independently of of Dawn of the Dead. The ripoff aspect is more about how the film was marketed. Granted, the sequences at the beginning and end of the film in New York City were added to the script to capitalize on the success of Dawn of the Dead, but it gets most of its reputation as a ripoff from its title. Dawn of the Dead was titled Zombie in Europe and did very well at the box office, so this movie was titled Zombie 2. In the U.S. it was just known as Zombie, but the tag line was “When the earth spits out the dead, they will return to tear the flesh of the living” sounds eerily similar to Dawn’s famous tag line “When there is no room in hell, the dead will walk the earth”. I much prefer Zombie’s other tag line, the simple and direct “We are going to eat you!”. Regardless, enjoy the trailer for Zombie A.K.A. Zombie 2.

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