A Crazy Idea About Hangover 3

First off I hate the Hangover series. I did not find the first one funny. Granted some of this might have been due to the extremely high expectations created by, well everyone. It just wasn’t for me. When previews for the second film came out my intelligence was insulted by it being practically shot for shot retread of the first.

They’ve announced the third film will start in LA, move to Vegas, and then end up in Tijuana further continuing the pattern of crazy city.

This might be a crazy idea, but I think they should go in the complete opposite direction. The third film should take place in some Small Town USA.

They attempted heightening with a new crazier city. Can that plan ever work again? Why not go in a complete opposite direction and strand the trio in an incredibly boring city. They can bicker and fight about it but could never imagine anything going wrong like their previous two outings.

Until it does. They wake up in some crappy motel in the middle of nowhere having wrecked havoc across a small town. The town is completely unprepared for them. Some people love the party that went on, others want to drive them out. I think some of the proven formula could still work but with adding much more of a twist than just different buildings.

I still won’t see it.


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