Snow White and the HuntsMEN

We mentioned it on the podcast though no one had any idea how it could be done, but alas ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ is getting the sequel treatment. It’s a movie starring hot young actors that grossed over $50m its opening weekend, it was bound to happen.

If you saw the movie, the question on your mind has got to be: What the hell would it be about?

The queen is defeated. Snow White sits in the throne as the realm celebrates. The Huntsman, clearly the love of Snow’s life, quietly moves around the back of the great hall. This is where our story left off.

There are two stories that could be done from this ending.

1. “The Not Quite Happily Ever After Yet”

Snow and the Huntsman, whom they would have to name in a sequel, are not together (His name would be a running joke). It’s not clear whether she knows it was his kiss that woke her. The pressure of being queen keep her away from the lowly Huntsman. This would be the love triangle film with Duke William completing the trifecta with the courts support of his union to Snow. An evil arises in either the scary forest, where the Dwarves went back to dig, or in the fairy sanctuary. In a slight twist, Snow and the Huntsman must search for William, fighting and falling in love along the way.

2. “The Ruined Happiness”

Snow and the Huntsman are married and happily ruling the land. They are celebrating the birth of their first born. The spirit of the evil queen returns and we learn that the child could help bring her back into the world. The baby kidnapped and Snow and the Huntsman must track down the child.

Second idea is a bit boring. The first one would really work though probably being a bit sappy, a feeling the first film surprisingly stayed away from.

Thoughts? Post some alternative plot ideas or feel free to email me to hire me to write the script. “Small blog writer gets Hollywood film deal”, think of the press!

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3 thoughts on “Snow White and the HuntsMEN

  1. johnnytigs says:

    They will just remake The Queen, or Elizabeth, or Elizabeth: The Golden Age, but with Snow White in her place. I’d rather it just be a film about Snow White and the Huntsdude heading out to that dark forest and getting stoned on the mushroom caps the whole time, then waking up in Twilight, where the Huntsman has now turned into Thor and the rest of the Avengers come in and destroy all of those annoying fucks.

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