Venom and Why I Dont Care About This Movie

Making a Venom movie at this stage of the film re-incarnation is a really bold concept.  You already butchered the character in an unnecessary sequel, and you are in the process of relaunching Spiderman as what appears to be an unnecessary franchise.  So with this new incarnation barely off the ground, it’s a really dumb idea to try and give Venom his OWN movie for many reasons

1) Avi Arad stated that the Venom of these films would be both Eddie Brock and a heroic Venom.  He wouldn’t be bad or anything until he saw Spiderman.

2) a Venom standalone movie doesn’t work because his entire origin is tied far too closely to Peter Parker, so unless Venom shows up in this new Spiderman series, and then gets spun out, it wont work.

3) Venom is not nearly the household name people think it is.  He also looks like a monster which means, you will continually have to use CGI for your main character who is an A-level spidey character, but a C-level Marvel Universe character.  Hulk all CGI works cause everyone on earth knows hulk.

4) Venom is kind of a brat.  “I want to be a hero too, but fuck that guy [spiderman]”.  I don’t know how you get people behind that character unless you drastically change his motivations, origins, and intrinsic characteristics.  At that rate is it really worth it.

The basic issue at hand is that Sony owns the rights to the Spiderman universe and they can’t make a Spidey movie every year, so they have to get creative with how they monetize that world.  If I were them I would just sell the rights back to Marvel at a PREMIUM and use that cash to go and buy some other franchise.  Marvel can do it better than you, and you can go use that money keep other projects afloat.

I should be an exec, cause I would kill this movie in a heartbeat before it becomes an uninspired stillborn wreck.

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3 thoughts on “Venom and Why I Dont Care About This Movie

  1. peter says:

    Same page yet again. Avi Arad’s statement about venom being a hero is such utter horseshit. Eddie Brock may have had good intentions but the symbiote is EVIL, it corrupts all that wear it. Even the current venom in the comics is Flag Thompson, who uses the suit to do good as a covert operative, but he can’t wear it too long because it drives him crazy.

    This is the type of stories that make me afraid for the new spider-man, because Arad doesn’t seem to get the point.

  2. Dunn says:

    Totally agree, although it would be nice if Sony sold the right back, but used the money to develop some original property, if we are going to dream, let’s dream big! That said I would much rather have Marvel get the rights back for Fantastic Four than Spider-Man, because I have already seen two good Spider-Man movies, but have never seen a good FF flick.

  3. johnnytigs says:

    My mom used to call me an “uninspired stillborn wreck” …eerie….

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