Fake Movie Friday and YOU!

Hey there Movie Movie Fan Fans!

We really hope you’ve been enjoying Fake Movie Friday. It’s become our favorite day of the week here at the site. It’s constantly the busiest day on the site.

Now we are looking for your help!

Next week we’ll be taking your submissions for Fake Movie Friday! We want to see what sort of glorious stink burgers you could cook up for us.

It could be anything

You could write an “original” film like Pusher or A Thousand Monkeys

Perhaps your own sequel like Hackers 2: Hack The Planet

Why not make fun of existing films like those by Nicholas Sparks- The Lucky Picture or where a white women saves black people- Camp Hope

Adapting things is fun like Where’s Waldo, The Magic School Bus, or Burger Time

Send them our way at Moviemoviepodcast@gmail.com

We promise we won’t reject any of them. We don’t have that luxury… YET!