AICN Accurate Posts and the Godless Hours Where I Read Them

Last night I could not sleep, so I did what any closeted nerd would do and started reading the comments section of Aint It Cool News.  It’s basically a cesspool where nerds and fanboys bitch about stuff and I love it for that.  I was on the comment page for an article about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and came across this post by a very smart gentleman who goes by the name of “tophat.” Tophat, in reference to the Xmen movies wrote the following and I have to say I agree:

They’re never going to do time travel in the X-MEN…

by tophat 

…that would be too cool for 20th Century Fox to handle. Think about it, on July 18, 2014 we will have been stuck with this version of X-Men for FOURTEEN YEARS. Fox has had 14 years to get the X-Men right and have dropped the ball every-single-time. And, before any of you try to make excuses for these movies let me ask you this: No matter how much you might like certain moments, characters, scenes, etc. from these films, have they really been as successful adaptations as the Marvel Avenger movies? No. The answer is, NO. In my opinion thay haven’t even MADE a real X-Men movie yet. Just a bunch of movies about Eric, Charles, and Logan. It would have been like Marvel spending fourteen years making SHIELD movies where the Avengers pop in every once in a while as guest appearances. Fourteen-Fucking-Years”

Now I have to say I kind of agree with his point.  I respect the hell out of the first xmen movie because it proved that you could do something with these franchises, but as far as xmen goes, it was extremely watered down.  The second film was VERY close to a real xmen story with the exception that yet again, the only important character was wolverine.  Cyclops, Wolverine’s sparring partner often, has almost nothing to do in the film, making it feel a bit off balance.  Still a cool movie tho.  xmen 3 and wolverine, I wont even bother talking about.   First Class again came really close, but it does sort of feel like that movie could have easily not had any other mutants in it other than Charles and Erik.  I would still probably like that movie tho.

I’m hopeful that Avengers creates the blueprint for team-based superhero films, where they give their big guns plenty to do, but also have the lesser-known heroes (black widow, hawkeye) contribute to the overall narrative of the film.  Maybe First Class 2 (or whatever it’ll be called) can do it.


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5 thoughts on “AICN Accurate Posts and the Godless Hours Where I Read Them

  1. peter says:

    The xmen will never really work on film. Entirely too many characters and so far writers have proved themselves awful at just letting a character be awesome without a storyline (read as colossus)

  2. johnnytigs says:

    Closeted nerd? Really Russ?

  3. Michael says:

    (I’m really late on this; I had no computer so I’m catching up) I was just talking about this and I have a perfect world scenario. In this world Fox would fuck up or something and the rights would go to Marvel or something. X-Men would be rebooted as a hour long TV show. It would probably end up on ABC. This is kind of a Fake TV Saturday, but the X-Men world is too big for film, unless the story was a big enough deal and we knew the characters well enough. I think it should be a show with Professor X and Magneto teaching together the first season and the students being the focus. It would be a callback to awesome sci-fi TV like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Fuck Fox. Fuck Rothman.

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