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Daredevil Moving Back to Marvel/Disney

Daredevil is officially going to be shifting from 20th Century Fox, where the Ben Affleck film and Elektra spinoff was made, to Disney.  It appears as though the character extension that Peter wrote about a few weeks ago, was firmly rejected by Disney, the minute 20th Century Fox was unwillingly to trade the rights of Silver Surfer and Galactus to Disney for an extension past October 10th on Daredevil.  This is 90% great, and 10% kinda shitty.

90% Great:  Marvel knows it characters, so I am confident that they will be able to make a better Daredevil film than any outside company ever could.

10% Kinda Shitty: Marvel probably has NO room for a Daredevil reboot on their docket.  They are so preoccupied with Avenger-centric films and characters and the cosmic stuff, that a gritty character like Daredevil (who often does not overlap into Avenger-land) really does not have a place in that world cinematically.  Also, it kinda sounded like Joe Carnahan’s take on Daredevil as more of a pulpy and dark 70’s styled film would be really cool.

Silver Lining: Daredevil would be perfect for a frickin TV show.  So far, the only characters that Marvel licensed out that have come back are Punisher, Blade and Daredevil.  They all live in NYC, have mostly darker stories, and have crossed paths numerous times.  Take characters like them and put them on TV in a world that acknowledges the cinematic universe and exists within it, but deals with the seedier side of the universe.  They all work as procedurals with overarching plotlines and I think it’d be cool for them to have shows that occasionally overlap like Doctor Who and Torchwood etc.  Only issue is Disney doesn’t really have a brand to release darker content anymore, nor a network to do it.  None of those would make sense on ABC which is family and femme-centric.  Disney needs to just make a branded network similar to Disney XD, but for adult males or something.

I hope Marvel does SOMETHING with Daredevil, cause he’s too cool to have nothing come out other than that shitburger movie.

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The Chronicle of Fantastic Four

The suits at 20th Century Fox has finally announced what we’ve pretty much known since January:

Josh Trank has been hired to direct the reboot of Fantastic Four.  (remember when Galactus was a cloud?)


Josh Trank directed Chronicle.  A found footage superhero teen movie that cost very little, but made around 50 million.  I guess they are hoping that he extrapolates Chronicle’s success to a larger scale.

For this film I think the director is virtually interchangeable.  Just get someone who isn’t a moron to write the film and a capable cast.  Trank is so new to directing that I doubt he’ll bring anything good or bad to the table.  However, they need to get someone who knows how to write a family to make this film work.

In a perfect world, I’d like to see Brad Bird just direct it.  Yeah he did The Incredibles already, but after seeing M:I: Ghost Protocol, he can do grand scale.  I also want this movie being released by Disney.  They’d nail this film.

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Sesame Street: The Movie & Other Bad Ideas

20th Century Fox has picked up the rights to a film based on the 40+ year old Sesame Street television series and plan on turning it into a film.  I guess my first question is: How? The greatness of Sesame Street is that it is one of the first shows to prove that educating kids can also be fun.  It has music, sketches, and commercials that run through each episodes relatively light plot, but it works.  It keeps childrens attention just long enough for them to not realize they are actually learning.  It’s the perfect crime.

I can’t for the life of me imagine how this gets adapted into a film that works.  If the intent is to keep it exactly like the TV show, with music, sketches, and commercials etc., then I can’t imagine that working on film.  Just make a TV special and put it on prime-time or something in the summer.  However, if the intent is to make it into a pure plot driven kids film then I really think this is an uninspired idea.  You basically are mining the franchise purely for the familiarity of Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird, but changing the nature of the show.  Maybe I am being overly pessimistic, but I just really don’t see how this works without resorting to stupid sight gags and farts , and a plot featuring an evil old man who wants to close down Hooper’s store or something.  In which case, just give us another referential, self-aware Muppets film.  But they can’t, because Fox doesn’t have those rights, Disney does.

This is where I get confused.  How doesn’t Disney have the rights Sesame Street? They have the Muppets, and the Muppets and Sesame Street characters have pretty much always lived in the same world and cameo’d back and forth.  I can’t believe I’m drawing this parallel, but it’s like Disney has the Avengers and Fox has the Xmen, and never shall the two meet all over again!  Just with characters for kids.  Maybe I’m territorial over Sesame Street because I grew up with it, but I’d much rather see some other property get strip mined.  Wheres Gullah Gullah Island the movie?

Leave Cookie Monster alone!

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X-Men:Days of Future Past and Timelines That Dont Work In Film

There is a rumor, which I hope is just that, that the latest Xmen film will center heavily around the early 80’s “Days of Future Past” story written by Chris Claremont.  The jist of that story was in the future mutants were put into internment camps run by Sentinels (which would be cool to see on film), and Kitty Pryde had to go back in time like John Connor, to stop it all from happening with Wolverine’s help.

Now if this is supposed to be reworked for the First Class movie-verse, I have serious issues with it.  First off, despite Havok having nothing to do with Cyclops or even hinting at a relationship and being older than Cyke, which is not true, the film did a good job of stripping away all the other bullshit and telling a story that made sense and kind of rebooted the awful continuity that has plagued the franchise.  My fear is that introducing time-travel and alternate timelines will simply be an excuse to add in more useless mutant cameos, instead of really having much to do with the plot.  Also neither Kitty Pryde or Wolverine really figure into this current rebooted x-world, so you are either adding them, and rendering all the other characters minus Magneto, Xavier, and Mystique (cause it’s Jennifer Lawrence), useless.  Also Kitty Pryde was in Xmen 3, so she couldn’t be in this unless she was a super fetus.

If this is the proposed sequel to the original Xmen franchise, fine, cause I don’t care about those.  But Matthew Vaughn did such a good job establishing an A+ world, with B team characters, that I would hate to see his world reduced to a shitty adaptation.  But you have to remember Xmen rights are owned by 20th Century Fox and they are notorious for fucking up most genre stuff these days.  I blame Tom Rothman.

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AICN Accurate Posts and the Godless Hours Where I Read Them

Last night I could not sleep, so I did what any closeted nerd would do and started reading the comments section of Aint It Cool News.  It’s basically a cesspool where nerds and fanboys bitch about stuff and I love it for that.  I was on the comment page for an article about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and came across this post by a very smart gentleman who goes by the name of “tophat.” Tophat, in reference to the Xmen movies wrote the following and I have to say I agree:

They’re never going to do time travel in the X-MEN…

by tophat 

…that would be too cool for 20th Century Fox to handle. Think about it, on July 18, 2014 we will have been stuck with this version of X-Men for FOURTEEN YEARS. Fox has had 14 years to get the X-Men right and have dropped the ball every-single-time. And, before any of you try to make excuses for these movies let me ask you this: No matter how much you might like certain moments, characters, scenes, etc. from these films, have they really been as successful adaptations as the Marvel Avenger movies? No. The answer is, NO. In my opinion thay haven’t even MADE a real X-Men movie yet. Just a bunch of movies about Eric, Charles, and Logan. It would have been like Marvel spending fourteen years making SHIELD movies where the Avengers pop in every once in a while as guest appearances. Fourteen-Fucking-Years”

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