Daredevil Moving Back to Marvel/Disney

Daredevil is officially going to be shifting from 20th Century Fox, where the Ben Affleck film and Elektra spinoff was made, to Disney.  It appears as though the character extension that Peter wrote about a few weeks ago, was firmly rejected by Disney, the minute 20th Century Fox was unwillingly to trade the rights of Silver Surfer and Galactus to Disney for an extension past October 10th on Daredevil.  This is 90% great, and 10% kinda shitty.

90% Great:  Marvel knows it characters, so I am confident that they will be able to make a better Daredevil film than any outside company ever could.

10% Kinda Shitty: Marvel probably has NO room for a Daredevil reboot on their docket.  They are so preoccupied with Avenger-centric films and characters and the cosmic stuff, that a gritty character like Daredevil (who often does not overlap into Avenger-land) really does not have a place in that world cinematically.  Also, it kinda sounded like Joe Carnahan’s take on Daredevil as more of a pulpy and dark 70’s styled film would be really cool.

Silver Lining: Daredevil would be perfect for a frickin TV show.  So far, the only characters that Marvel licensed out that have come back are Punisher, Blade and Daredevil.  They all live in NYC, have mostly darker stories, and have crossed paths numerous times.  Take characters like them and put them on TV in a world that acknowledges the cinematic universe and exists within it, but deals with the seedier side of the universe.  They all work as procedurals with overarching plotlines and I think it’d be cool for them to have shows that occasionally overlap like Doctor Who and Torchwood etc.  Only issue is Disney doesn’t really have a brand to release darker content anymore, nor a network to do it.  None of those would make sense on ABC which is family and femme-centric.  Disney needs to just make a branded network similar to Disney XD, but for adult males or something.

I hope Marvel does SOMETHING with Daredevil, cause he’s too cool to have nothing come out other than that shitburger movie.

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3 thoughts on “Daredevil Moving Back to Marvel/Disney

  1. Dunn says:

    I’m more 50% great 50% shitty.

    50% great: Marvel gets another of its characters back.

    50% shitty: Marvel could use Silver Surfer/Galactus in Phase 2 more than it can use DD. Joe Carnahan’s vision of a gritty 70s DD film could have been awesome.

  2. russ says:

    I feel like Fox ixnayed the trade because they felt like Marvel was pulling the wool over their eyes. (I mean they were and they werent). A good Daredevil film should do in the upper 100 million range and then spawn sequels. And they should do well overseas, so you are looking at a 600-700 million dollar earner with a few movies and overseas gross.

    Do you have that much faith in Josh Tranks vision to do a good enough Fantastic Four to warrant sequels? And even then, do you not have faith that he could do a good film without those characters? I would have shipped them out if I were Fox and used the FF franchise to do the Inhumans and stuff like that and possibly spin that out into its own franchise. You lose two characters but gain a second franchise. But what do I know

    • Dunn says:

      Totally. I mean Fox already proved they didn’t know how to use Galactus, are they that set on keeping the rights, or are they just trying to spite Marvel…

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