X-Men:Days of Future Past and Timelines That Dont Work In Film

There is a rumor, which I hope is just that, that the latest Xmen film will center heavily around the early 80’s “Days of Future Past” story written by Chris Claremont.  The jist of that story was in the future mutants were put into internment camps run by Sentinels (which would be cool to see on film), and Kitty Pryde had to go back in time like John Connor, to stop it all from happening with Wolverine’s help.

Now if this is supposed to be reworked for the First Class movie-verse, I have serious issues with it.  First off, despite Havok having nothing to do with Cyclops or even hinting at a relationship and being older than Cyke, which is not true, the film did a good job of stripping away all the other bullshit and telling a story that made sense and kind of rebooted the awful continuity that has plagued the franchise.  My fear is that introducing time-travel and alternate timelines will simply be an excuse to add in more useless mutant cameos, instead of really having much to do with the plot.  Also neither Kitty Pryde or Wolverine really figure into this current rebooted x-world, so you are either adding them, and rendering all the other characters minus Magneto, Xavier, and Mystique (cause it’s Jennifer Lawrence), useless.  Also Kitty Pryde was in Xmen 3, so she couldn’t be in this unless she was a super fetus.

If this is the proposed sequel to the original Xmen franchise, fine, cause I don’t care about those.  But Matthew Vaughn did such a good job establishing an A+ world, with B team characters, that I would hate to see his world reduced to a shitty adaptation.  But you have to remember Xmen rights are owned by 20th Century Fox and they are notorious for fucking up most genre stuff these days.  I blame Tom Rothman.

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3 thoughts on “X-Men:Days of Future Past and Timelines That Dont Work In Film

  1. peter says:

    How could they not realize with the first class cast they were putting themselves in a position in which they can’t take from any source material.

    I would hate an iconic storyline done with different characters. Also the best thing about first class was its reflection of the time period (though only with a single African American character who was killed).

    Think a morlocks story would be one of the few things that could work

  2. Dunn says:

    If you are rebooting Star Trek, and casting different actors in iconic roles, you have some leeway to play around time travel and splinter dimensions. If you are making a sequel to a prequel to a huge trilogy of movies (let’s forget Wolverine ever happened) the last of which came out only 6 years ago, there are so many ways time travel and splinter dimensions could go horribly wrong.

  3. johnnytigs says:

    I was going to say something, but then I read Dunn’s comment and now my head hurts and I cannot think.

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