Judging Dredd

I was 10 when the Sylvester Stallone starring ‘Judge Dredd’ came out. When unassuming it on video I loved it. The action was cool enough for me and the Rob Schneider humor got me.

I fully realize now as an adult (no one correct me) that its not a good movie. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of pressure on the new Karl Urban starring reboot.

The new Dredd needs to be as fun as a remember the original being to appeal to the kid who still likes saying “I am the law” like Stallone. At the same time it needs to be darker and more mature to appeal to the man (no one correct me) who wants a bit more from the film.

The official synopsis came out today and so far I’m split. What we know so far sounds a bit like ‘The Raid.’ Dredd travels to a part of town Judges dare not go to take down a drug kingpin, apply shit to fan in generous portions. Living up to a comparison to ‘The Raid’ will not be easy.

A big problem right now is that the new street drug is called “slow-mo” which when taken makes you experience things slower. Cue super fast Dredd fight and slow motion cinematography. Also that does not sound like the worlds most exciting drug. Especially on the slums, who would want to be poor slower?

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2 thoughts on “Judging Dredd

  1. johnnytigs says:

    I’ve watched the original movie with you. Recently. Within the last month. And you still quote the entire thing.

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