I Feel Dirty

Can we open up a no judgement zone? I would just feel really comfortable if we could all talk as friends.

Independence Day is coming back to theaters next year in 3D.

And I can’t fucking wait.

I know I’ve bitched about useless 3D. Post conversions are never done well. I laughed when I heard Titanic was going to be rereleased. I get why people would want to go see it on the big screen again. It was a big thing for some people who connected to it on a emotional level. So why is 3D necessary besides a higher price tag?

But ID4? Oh fuck my eyeballs with a drunk 3D Randy Quaid please. I will definitely be buying a ticket. I don’t care how much it costs. This movie made being 11 in 1996 perfect. I might see it twice.

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One thought on “I Feel Dirty

  1. johnnytigs says:

    I love me some ID4… but I don’t know man. I mean I’ll be there with you opening day, and then again the next day. But I’ll be bitching

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