Andrew Stanton Gets His Punishment

It was really only a matter of time until this news came out. Andrew Stanton is in talks with Disney to make a sequel to ‘Finding Nemo.’ After costing the Mouse House millions of dollars with ‘John Carter’ he owes them.

It’s not just that JC missed big with audiences it’s that it should have been a humongous franchise for Disney. There should be at least a trilogy of these films with millions of dollars in toys being made and a hole section of a Disney park based on Mars.

Finding Nemo 2 will make up for the loss. The upcoming 3D re-release of this film will alone make them at least $100m. This is Stanton paying his debt so that he is allowed to possibly work again. After Nemo 2 is a success we will undoubtedly be seeing Stanton returning to live action for another shot.

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