Wes Anderson/Johnny Depp & The Case of Deja Va

So fresh off the heels of the fantastic Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson has announced he’s ready to start working on his next film which he plans to shoot in Europe.  All we know about it to this point is that it is going to be titled The Grand Budapest Hotel and it will star Johnny Depp.

I like this even though I feel like I’ve seen this already

Why do I like this?

-Because I like everything Wes Anderson has made.  Even Darjeeling Limited, which is my least favorite film, is still good, and breathed some new life and actors into Anderson’s familiar film formulas.

-Because like Woody Allen’s recent infatuation with Europe I think the change of scenery (like his turn at Animation) will enliven Anderson, and he’ll find a way to make Europe look more beautiful than it already looks.

-Because Anderson can remind us that Johnny Depp used to be more than just a tentpole adventure hero.  The subtlety of Wes Anderson’s direction should elicit one of the better performances of Depp’s last 10 years.

-Because he plans on filling the film with Bill Murray and other familiar faces.

I think you are as excited about this film as you are excited about Wes Anderson films in general.  I’m sold.

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