Buying Films in Bulk

There’s another ‘Godzilla’ is being made. There’s talk of a new ‘Popeye’ film. ‘The Lone Ranger’ is coming to the big screen. We’ve talked extensively about how their are no new Hollywood ideas left.

Well now you can buy movies wholesale.

Dreamworks Animation reportedly the current high bidder for properties currently held by Classic Media. These include Casper, Voltron, Gumby, Felix the Cat, Lassie, Where’s Waldo, Richie Rich, He-Man and many more.

Dreamworks Animation does have a pretty good track record with their adapted material in the incredibly successful ‘Shrek’ and their greatest critical success ‘How To Train Your Dragon.’ All this seems to be them giving up on competing with Pixar. Hopefully they can do something fun with them, but the root heartfelt story of a HTTYD just isn’t found in Gumby.


One thought on “Buying Films in Bulk

  1. Dunn says:

    It does seem like they are giving up doesn’t it, I mean Dreamworks already makes so many sequel, it’s like they can’t be bothered starting new franchises (with HTTYD being the obvious exception). I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney got in on this and try for full Intellectual Property dominance!

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