Finally, a Horror Movie Encouraging Us To Drink

Andrew Dunn brought this to my attention earlier. Grabbers is an upcoming horror comedy from Ireland brought to us by director Jon Wright. It looks like Shaun of the Dead meets the made for TV movie of Peter Benchley’s The Beast (you remember that shit? I still have my VHS copy). You don’t really have to convince me to see any horror movie, so I was already going to be lining up for this, but it looks hilarious and the effects seem pretty incredible. I can’t tell what’s practical and what is CGI. Oh what an age we live in!

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2 thoughts on “Finally, a Horror Movie Encouraging Us To Drink

  1. Dunn says:

    The best part of this is that you can have characters do stupid horror movie things, but it will totally make sense because they are drunk.

    • peter says:

      HAHA, i saw this last week and i got excited because the werewolve from the british Being Human is in it.

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