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Andrew Stanton Gets His Punishment

It was really only a matter of time until this news came out. Andrew Stanton is in talks with Disney to make a sequel to ‘Finding Nemo.’ After costing the Mouse House millions of dollars with ‘John Carter’ he owes them.
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Lone Ranger & Why Bloated Budgets Need To Stop

So Disney’s planned Lone Ranger film has been through the budgetary ringer.  Originally, It was slated to be about 250 million, not including marketing, then it was shut down.  Then it was negotiated down to 215 million and back on.  Now it is being reported that the budget has soared back up to 250 million, and it is weeks behind schedule.  This has to stop. Yes I am well aware that Johnny Depp is typically a franchise cash cow and Disney still wants it “new Pirates” franchise, but you have to stop and think about at what cost.

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