Because No One Asked For It…Alf:The Movie

Those geniuses at Sony Pictures Animation.  You know those guys who want to hang with the big boys of Dreamworks and Pixar, and to a lesser extent Illumination and Blue Sky, but make mostly heartlessly dumb films like Open Season and Smurfs are about to start working on a live action/CGI hybrid version of Alf.

Remember Alf? Yea, neither does mostly anyone, but it was an alien that lived with a family and liked eating cats and had a funny voice.  He even had a cereal (so did Urkel tho) and a cartoon.  It was popular for like 2 years, and somehow that is just enough time to get a big budget hollywood kids film made.

I am more than ok with many properties getting the big screen treatment, but this just seems like it came out of an execs meeting that went something like this:

Exec 1 – “We need a movie. Smurfs was last year and it was dumb but did ok”

Exec 2- ” Derp!”

Exec 1- “Alf! I love it! good work Exec 2. Heres 57 million dollars!”

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