Justice League of Affleck?

A day after the wondrous news of Joss Whedon being given the Marvel Film and TV reins by Disney, Warner Brothers is rumored to be flirting with a director for Justice League.

And it’s Ben Affleck. Um… ok?

Listen. I love ‘Gone Baby Gone’ and ‘The Town.’ I’m excited for ‘Argo’ though his 70s beard makes me a bit uncomfortable. I do not think he’s a good fit for ‘Justice League.’ The man can do drama, but his action scenes are a bit stale and unoriginal. I can see him being a good fit for the next round of Batman films but choosing him to integrate Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern into a cohesive group wouldn’t work.

Warner Brothers and DC are really setting a director up for the most difficult job since anyone agreed to help Uwe Boll make his Holocaust film.

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