Movie Movie Podcast #11: Batman Rises and Returns, The Dark Knight Begins Forever, and Robin


James Gordon Jr.: Why’re they running, Dad?
Lt. James Gordon: Because we have to chase them.
James Gordon Jr.: They didn’t do anything wrong.
Lt. James Gordon: Because they’re the podcast Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt them. Because they can take it. Because they’re not our heros. They’re long winded guardians, pretentious protectors. Semi-dark knights.

Join Russ, Peter, Alex and myself as we get down, dirty and spoilery with The Dark Knight Rises. Recorded on August 1st 2012 (I think) at The Goo! Studios in NYC by our good friend, broducer and resident opulent vigilante Matt “my nipples are actually that hard, it’s not the suit” Giordano

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