Channing Tatum Could Get Anything Made

When did Channing Tatum go from joke to star? He’s all of a sudden Americas sweetheart. He wants to make an Evel Knievel movie, you better believe someone is throwing money at him

He went from breakout star of ‘Guide to Recognizing Your Saints’ to dancing in ‘Step Up.’ It’s really the strangest career path ever. The first ‘G.I. Joe’ film was a complete joke. Then all of a sudden ’21 Jump Street’ hits big and they need to reshoot him back into the sequel.

He got Steven “I’m Retiring” Soderbergh to direct a film based on his stripping career.  It’s sad because he can’t act of course but he will get exactly what he wants for the next few years. I give him until 2017, which is generous as hell.

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One thought on “Channing Tatum Could Get Anything Made

  1. Dunn says:

    I don’t know, ’21 Jump Street’ bought a huge amount of good will from me, he was just so good in it. I still need to see Magic Mike though… for Channing Tatum… I mean to see him act… and strip…

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