Stretching My Patience

Currently the long in develop Stretch Armstrong movie is back on track. Why won’t this stop? It’s getting to the point in which if feels like we are being deliberately messed with.

Stretch Armstrong first appeared in 1976. It had a revival in the 90s and a friend of mine had one. I picked it up once, stretched it out and then went home to do homework because I was incredibly bored.

Who cares about this toy? What about it is so damn interesting to movie studios that makes them repeatedly attempt to get it on the big screen? Basically it is an easy product to sell. Familiarity is what wins these days in terms of box office numbers. Kids will latch on to just about anything that you present loudly enough at them.

The following situation will happen a lot. Kid sees poster and asks parent. Parent gets all weird wondering why its a movie and explains to child it and old toy. Child thinks it is awesome that their parent thinks it is weird it and immediately thinks it is cool and wants to see it.


One thought on “Stretching My Patience

  1. Dunn says:

    I don’t know about you Pete, but I need to find out the untold origin of Stretch Armstrong. Why is he so stretchy?

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