Wolverine Is Big in Japan

‘The Wolverine’ is set to start filming this summer with a July 2013 release date. Based upon the iconic run by Claremont and Miller from Logan’s first solo series. It’s James Howlett in Japan. Learning the ways of the samurai, falling in love and hopefully killing a ton of people.

This shouldn’t work but maybe it hopefully will. Confused? I’ll explain and keep using different names to refer to the title character.

Hugh Jackman’s Weapon X is very different from anything we’ve seen in the comic, besides height and hairiness of course. Jackman is too pretty. He isn’t angry enough. They over played the amnesia story line way over the conflicted animal one. ‘Origins’ should have been more about how he really is an animal that is trying to be a man than just about how he lost his memory. The character isn’t prepared for the Japan storyline.

Though this could be the shot in the arm that Captain Canada needs. HOpefully this will be the film to bring Jackman’s take closer to the infinitely more interesting character he can be. It will probably be a huge disappointment. Good news of course is that they are actually casting Japanese actors! Though of course the most famous Canadian comic book character is played by an Aussie.

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