Dear Netflix

Trying out a new feature on the site today. I’ll be writing strongly worded letters to Netflix complaining about their sugggestions and categories.

Dear Netflix,

It’s currently regents week at work for me. There is very little to do and I can come in late so I was looking for something to watch last night through your watch instantly service. It was a bit late for it but I noticed the ‘Time Travel Films’ section. The most popular option was ‘Jumanji.’ This is ridiculous.

In the film Robin Williams character is thrown into a jungle by the board game. He spends the exact amount of time there that passes in real life. This is not time travel. This is spatial displacement. Time was not traveled, it moved at the normal pace.

If this category is reference to the end of the film it is also incorrect. At the end of the film, they finish the game and the world reverts to normal. Robin Williams is returned to his life before he spent time in the game’s jungle. This supposes that the game was an alternate reality. Reverting back to normal isn’t time travel. If anything the film says playing Jumanji takes you out of the normal time, not traveling it.

Hoping you’ll fix this error,


P.S. Wasn’t the end of the kids remembering the game total Bullshit! So they were born with the memory of their whole other life? Nonsense! But still not time travel.

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