Mortal Kombat Theme is stuck in your head now

The Mortal Kombat films came out at the perfect time of my life. Video games ruled my life and if a film was over 60% fights it was my favorite movie. Rumors are circling about a reboot.

The brilliant Mortal Kombat short came out a few years ago and set the internet on fire. It was real, gritty, violent, and adult. I was psyched to see more. I not watch a single webisode after that. Turns out I don’t want a Mortal Kombat film.

One of the weird things about the first is that there were very few powers. I thought as a kid that it would be awesome for Liu Kang to shoot fire on screen. I know now that it would be stupid as hell.

The new film seems want to go down the power root. Also deal with a young lead discovering these mysterious powers. This isn’t Mortal Kombat. Ancient tournament, fight, save the world or something. That’s it.

Just make another movie!

(“Just make another movie” is a registered trademark of Peter T. Smith)