Delay Sunday

No podcast today. It will grace your presence Tuesday night. We’ve (I’ve) decided to name these days ‘Delay Sundays.’ Where we’ll be discussing a currently delayed film. This week-

Red Dawn

This remake of the 1984 film was originally supposed to be released fall of 2010. MGM was going through bankruptcy and the money to successfully market the film was not available. MGM could have done what America does when it needs money and ask China for it, but unfortunately some advance press for this movie did not go over well there.

In the original film Russia invaded the US. Since it’s no longer the 80s the producers changed the villians to the Chinese. Surprisingly making the Chinese upset, and they give us money and are a bit scary to us so we bent. Over a million dollars was spent digitally changing the invaders to be North Koreans. We don’t care what they think and they do nothing for us, so this is fine.

Now this film has both Thor and Peeta in it so properly marketed could still be moderately successful if an appropriate weekend is found. Maybe a Thanksgiving opener?

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2 thoughts on “Delay Sunday

  1. Dunn says:

    I’m not a fan of the original Red Dawn, so the remake can be delayed forever for all I care. I had always imagined Red Dawn would be a fun jingoistic 80s movie like Rocky IV, but it is awkwardly earnest and harsh Red Scare right wing propaganda. I have a feeling that Red Scorpion might be more my speed, a Dolph Lundgren flick written and produced by Jack Abramoff!

  2. johnnytigs says:

    Damn it! I was so excited for this movie too! Wait, not excited, what’s the other word? Oh yeah deadened.

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