Drunk Goggles

That’s right! It’s Saturday morning. Are you hung over? Let’s check in on our drunk goggles!

Is this trailer actually any good?

The jokes really fall flat. Hiding the small guy you are actually talking about behind the big guy people think you are talking about isn’t actually the most original gag. The teaser which set up the setting, mood, and gave us our first look at the shaggy haired main character was great, but there will be talking throughout this film.

Now that we see more of her, does the lead character seem a bit obnoxious to anyone else as well? Sure she’s supposed to be a strong independent character but she comes off a little too unlikable, a bit too main car from ‘Cars’. I refuse to look it up (In editing this article I realized I know the name but now refuse to type it).

The trailer sets up the story, but let’s remember that this is a Pixar film. The story HAS to be about someone who doesn’t quite fit in, finding him/herself or opening his or her eyes to how the world really works. ‘Brave’ will definitely be no different.

But it’s also Pixar, so ‘Brave’ will definitely be no different in the sense that it will be miles above from 95% of family films. Are these the type of drunk goggles when you think someone is much hotter than they actually are or when you are too drunk to care how gross the diner and it’s food look because you know it will be delicious anyway?

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One thought on “Drunk Goggles

  1. johnnytigs says:

    This looks like the pork chop I ordered one time that fell on the floor of a Waffle House at 3am as the waitress brought it over and when she went to take it back I said not to worry about it, wiped it off and ate it like it was. I’m excited.

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