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Monsters University Website

If you haven’t spent a few minutes on the website for Disney/Pixar’s Monsters University, you really need to.  It’s basically a college website.  I spent 30 mins on it and kept finding new information.  If the film is half as imaginative as the site, we are in for a good one.  I do like that this will sort of be Pixar’s college film however:

Check it out:



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DreamWorks Animation Moves To FOX

After months and months of unsuccessfully securing a new distribution deal with Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks has reached a 5 yr deal with 20th Century Fox worth billions.  Starting in 2013, all animated films produced by DW will be distributed by Fox through 2017.  What this means:

20th Century Fox now has DreamWorks Animated and Blue Sky (Ice Age, Rio) under it’s banner and becomes the dominant home in animated films.  Yes, Disney/Pixar still puts out mostly better films, but they only make one a year.  Now Fox has the luxury of being able to put 3 animated films out each year and really rake in the dough.   Considering that most DW films have or will have sequels (Shrek, Madagascar, HTTYD, Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda), this deal has already paid for itself.

DreamWorks is now completely split between film and animation divisions.  Disney distributes DreamWorks’ live action films, and Fox distributes the animated films.

Disney will have to ramp up it’s own efforts in Disney Animated, to make it not look like Fox is completely owning them.

Paramount has nothing. Which leads to my next article…

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Monsters U & How It Got Me

I didn’t love Monsters Inc.  I thought it was cute, but it lost me at the end with the Monsters deciding to make people laugh instead of cry with fear.  Maybe I’m heartless, but whatever.  I did think that the monsters looked cool and that the lil girl was adorable though.  So I was nervous when a Monsters Inc. prequel was greenlit.  Especially considering The Incredibles still has no sequel.  Anyway the fact that this Monsters film is set in college might be fun.  I’d love to see Pixar’s take on what college is like through the lens of the Monsters.  Could be cool, and I like this teaser.

Check it:

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Drunk Goggles

That’s right! It’s Saturday morning. Are you hung over? Let’s check in on our drunk goggles!

Is this trailer actually any good?

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