Monsters U & How It Got Me

I didn’t love Monsters Inc.  I thought it was cute, but it lost me at the end with the Monsters deciding to make people laugh instead of cry with fear.  Maybe I’m heartless, but whatever.  I did think that the monsters looked cool and that the lil girl was adorable though.  So I was nervous when a Monsters Inc. prequel was greenlit.  Especially considering The Incredibles still has no sequel.  Anyway the fact that this Monsters film is set in college might be fun.  I’d love to see Pixar’s take on what college is like through the lens of the Monsters.  Could be cool, and I like this teaser.

Check it:

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One thought on “Monsters U & How It Got Me

  1. peter says:

    Are they in college for scaring kids? Wasn’t their training in the first film with the the company already?

    This seems like its just monster college. I’ll see it though

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