Fake Movie Friday: 10:10

So I’m waiting for Zach to get here and we are going to go golfing. The trains are slow and I’ve decided to write a paranoid film in the style of 1408. REMEMBER 1408?! Cusack! Hotel Room! F it, this will be the reteaming of John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. This is my most Tigs film.


The movie starts with our main character, John Cusack, on the phone with his friend, Samuel L. Jackson, one night. They are making plans to go golfing the next day as Cusack is making a pot of sleepy time tea. Samuel L. makes fun of him as Cusack slips a bit spilling the hot water on the stove. Samuel says he’ll be at John’s at 1030. John hangs up and walks away. He gets ready for bed and passes by a clock. The clock reads 10:10.

John wakes up to a crash as a man wielding an axe runs into his room and at him. The man swings at John, but it’s a dream as well and he wakes up. He notices the clock says 9:45. He goes to the bathroom to shower and while showering he doesn’t notice as the water turns to blood. By the time he opens his eyes, the water turns back before he opens his eyes and he thinks nothing of it. He is brushing his teeth and gets a glimpse of himself in the mirror and his face is charred and burned.

The startles him of course but looking again, his face is fine. The doorbell rings and it is Richard Jenkins. He hands John a pamphlet that reads ‘ITS TIME.’ Jenkins is really weird and cryptic. John shuts the door on him. John walks away but there is a loud banging on the door. The sound is so loud that it doesn’t seem natural. John yells and opens the door and almost falls off a cliff. His door just ends at a cliff.

John is terrified and scrambles back into his apartment. Appliances start exploding, his books light on fire. All his clocks start flashing 10:10. The TV turns on and it’s Jenkins. Another cryptic speech follows about how it’s time for John to leave. He opens a window and smoke flows in. John tries to fight through the thick smoke and find his was around. Golden bugs start flying around him. They zip back and forth and when they fly across him he is cut.

He runs to the bathroom and tries to wash up. When he wipes his arms his skin peels off. He starts to flip out. MIRROR SCARE. It’s Richard Jenkins again who says John has to come with him. He leads him back into his bed. He tucks John in and says its over. John shuts his eyes and the apartment lights on fire.

We cut to Samuel L. Jackson walking through the burnt-out apartment the next day with a firefighter. He finds a burnt clock stuck at 10:10 when the explosion happened. The firefighter says the stove was left on, and Samuel is saddened looking at the teapot. Camera pulls out into the street and Richard Jenkins walks by. A car almost hits him and then is jack knifed by a tractor-trailer. Jenkins smirks.


AFTER CREDITS SCENE: I beat Zach at golf.

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