Fake Movie Friday: 21st

This is my 21st Fake Movie Friday. Thus this is entitled


We open on with our main character waking up in his bed to find his parents standing above him. He jumps as they shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN! He tells them to leave him alone. We find out it’s his 21st birthday, but he’s home for the summer from college. All his friends were unable to come or meet up so he’s stuck at home during the summer.

His parents try to convince him to go hang out with Chris and Corey, his old high school friends who are in town. He tells them he doesn’t really talk to them anymore and that he’s changed. His room is adorned with nerdy stuff but we get the sense that he went to college and thinks he is cool now.

He sits at a diner having lunch and a group of people walk by. He tries to hide a bit but they spot him. It’s a group of cool kids from high school who recognize him as a nerd. The main dude Brian makes fun of him though the others are more polite. Brian hangs over Stacey, who flirts a bit with Stephen saying he looks great. She invited him to her party that night.

Stephen walks out the door with a smile on his face and bumps into someone. It’s Chris and Corey. Chris is a bit standoffish but Corey is excited to see him. Corey wishes him a happy birthday, as does Chris but less enthused. Corey drags Stephen along with them back to his house. They enter the basement and it’s nerd heaven; tons of games and consoles, custom D+D table, action figures, etc. The three reminisce a bit and have fun.

Stephen reluctantly invites them to the party that night and they go. Corey and Chris get into all sorts of hijinks. Stephen is embarrassed and just gets pretty drunk. He tries to kiss Stacey and gets beat up by Brian. Stephen yells at the people at the party, about how none of them ever treated him like a person, how it is his birthday and no one seems to care. Chris and Corey take him out and he apologizes to his real friends. We see Stephen back at college on the phone with Chris and Corey still close.

The END!

HERE’S WHERE IT GETS CRAZY! This was just a normal story about a kid finding out what really matters. Here’s what will happen when Hollywood gets their hand on it.

-Chris and Corey are LARPers and stupidly nerdy. Corey is a practically retarded and Chris is fat. The party scene becomes an hour long with mostly them being the butt of jokes.

-Stacey hits on Stephen a bunch, but at the party he is cornered by Brian who says that he realized he was gay and likes Stephen. Brian cries and Stacey walks in and thinks the two of them were making out.

-Stephen returns to the party and finds everyone drunk and dressed up LARPing with Chris and Corey. They are the coolest kids at the party and both make out with hot girls.

-The fact that it is Stephen’s birthday has little to nothing to do with the movie. There is just a ton of alcohol.

-Stacey comes to Corey’s basement the next day (HOW??) and her and Stephen kiss. THE NEW END


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  1. Dunn says:

    Love the twist

  2. johnnytigs says:

    Custom D+D table?

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