Fake Movie Friday: Banana Peel

Whoops! A little bit late, sorry about that. I know you have all been on the edge of your seat waiting for this, so I again apologize for making you wait for this and I would like to thank Sarah Mulligan (I think it was you Sarah) for this title suggestion at our 3rd Anniversary show!

Banana Peel

Lester is a comedian at the top of his game. The movie opens on him doing a stand up set and the audience exploding with laughter. He heads back stage and hangs out, has a few drinks, sees a woman staring him down and eventually one thing leads to another and she goes back with him to his place.

In the morning she leaves and he is left alone in his small studio apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He calls in a radio show to make an appearance there and plug his next set and to talk about a TV show he has in the works with some major network.

He goes back to the club and has another great set, the crowd goes crazy. The next day he is at a TV executives meeting where they discuss the show. They are telling him how they want a show like Sienfeld. He is overly enthusiastic and agrees, they all shake and he signs some contracts. They go out and celebrate where he gets into some trouble with the police. He’s arrested and is bailed out after a few hours.

That night he’s at the comedy club telling the story of how he was arrested and everyone is loving it, except for the network executives with whom he has a meeting the next day. They say that due to what happened they don’t feel as comfortable with the amount of money they were going to give so the budget is getting cut. Depressed he heads to a bar and drinks the night away before waking up in an alley the next morning. This is of course all over the news and tabloids. His agent is negotiating with the execs to try and not have this effect the show at all.

At the club that night he talks about what happened and people laugh but its obvious its less enthusastic than before. He’s very drunk and becomes beligerant with the crowd, which makes its way onto youtube. It goes viral and he is the new pariah for the world to shit on.

It seems that now that he is all over the news they have been digging up stuff from his past, tax evasion, bitter ex’s, and chiild hood friends who say he’s always had an anger problem.

On the set of filming he has an incident with one of the extras that also ends up on youtube, or vimeo or something this time. Before he knows it the news is reporting that he is impossible to work with and that the show is failing to come together.

He’s doing stand up trying to make he best out of all of this but people just aren’t laughing anymore. He walks off stage mid set and heads back to his place where he watches old videos of him doing stand up.

He wakes up to find he’s all over the news again. The girl he had hooked up with at the beginning is very under age and there is a warrent out for his arrest. He can’t believe it but doesn’t try to fight it and live in neglect. He walks down to the police station and turns himself in.

The show is now toast, his agent has dropped him but was able to get him legal counsel and they are able to get the charges lowered.

The club won’t let him perform, and he’s been black listed from all the other clubs too. Yeah all the clubs in NY somehow. (Since I cannot figure out an ending…) He decides to take his own life, taking a bunch of pills and downing them with liquor. He puts on some old videos of him again and watches as the lights go out.

The tabloids are again crazy with this news, they have interviews from people about how much they loved him and how they never stopped laughing even after everything that happened. The barely finished pilot is aired and is an instant hit. His comedy albums sell more in 1 day than in all the months they’ve been out. They have a memorium for him at some award show and give him a posthumous life time achievement award. We fade out on a picture of him with the dates he lived and the audience cheering for him.


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