Fake Movie Friday: Bumpkin

I think this was the suggestion of a movie title I got last night. I cannot remember at this point… but it was something like this.


In the Chisslewood Forest that is in the land of Blissington there lives a society of elves. A very human like society with schools, hospitals etc, except that everything used is magic. They teach magic, read books about magic, all their songs have the word magic in the title (along with some human songs with magic in the title), they cure disease with magic.  They have a magic mirror which transports them to the human world through the clouds, but it is forbidden to do so unless you are told explicitly by the Calelf, the ruler of all of Blissington. There are also three androgynous siblings, Bumpkin, Trumpkin and Mumpkin. 

They play together and are the definition of merry mischief makers. They’re the class clowns in school, and everyone loves them all. Bumpkin, the youngest of them all, is also obsessed with the human society and dreams of nothing more than going there. But the guards at the gate and all of the laws surrounding going through the gate, Bumpkin knows that he/she could never come back to the Chisslewood Forest.

Anyway, normal days in and days out happen, when Trumpkin is told to head to the human world as they only way to keep the spirit of Christmas (because this is just a Christmas movie and not some PC “all holidays are equal” movie) live forever. He has to be seen around by children doing magical stuff and make sure that the legend of the elves keeps going.

Anyway, all is going well, Bumpkin misses his/her sister/brother until they get word that Trumpkin has been captured by a bad child who is keeping him under glass. Think of the kid from Toy Story 1, sort of like that. Anyway, after much debating at an elf council meeting that looks a lot like the United Nations Bumpkin makes a impassioned speech about why he/she should go. They all say no. Anyway, using Mumpkin as bait Bumpkin is able to trick the guards etc and go to save his/her brother/sister.

So hijinks happen, he befriends some kids and they all help with a mission impossible style rescue mission. They are able to rescue him and then the elves head back. The kids are sad but the elves tell them they’ll be back and to never stop believing. And to spread word of the elves.

When they arrive back in the forest they are immediately arrested. There is a giant trail which all seems to just be a farce because it ends with everyone being super happy, balloons falling from the ceiling and the credits roll while the whole cast and crew sings “Do You Believe in Magic.”


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