Fake Movie Friday- Honey, I Ate the Vacuum

Ok super long day at work and totally might have forgotten about this. Here’s the title I got from last nights Pig Pile.

Honey! I Ate The Vacuum

Movie begins with a women getting up out of bed. She gets breakfast ready, she does laundry and we see this is all before the kids wake up. Her two children finally come down to eat and they sit down as a family. One seat is missing and she sighs. She gets up and walks to a door leading to the basement.

It’s been a perfectly normal house up until she opens the door and walks down the stairs. She presses a button and passes through another door only leading to another door. In the middle there is a warning buzz and a computer voice says “sterilizing begun.” The room is filled with gas and stops with the voice saying “streilizing done, welcome Pam.” She walks through the door to find a huge laboratory. Jack, her husband is hard at work running here and there.

She is of course mad at him for not coming to say good morning to the family and eating breakfast with them. Also their son has a game or something and he forgot. He says he is really hard at work and its for the family and the world as a whole. He makes mention of it will clean up all the waste.

Pam drives the kids to the game and the other wives talk. Jack is missing from the circle of husbands talking sports and yelling at the field. They all ask about his secret project and joke. One woman is overly mean, and we get she is the town bitch. Pam walks away to talk to her younger daughter who is playing in the grass.

Cut back to Jack at work and he gets a call on the computer. He video chats with some people who tell him he needs to hurry up and show some results. He looks worried and works quickly. He his mixing some junk and things scientifically when their is an explosion.

We see Pam and the kids pull in just as this happens and they hear it. Pam rushes inside and finds Jack in the living room next to the vacuum. She makes a joke about him finally doing some house work, but he turns and we see something is wrong with him. He is eating the vacuum. She looks around and he has been eating a lot around the house. He says “Help me!”

She runs out to get the kids and come face to face with the same suits that Jack was talking to. They whisk her and the kids away to a secret base. They explain Jack was working on creating an organism that would feed on inorganic matter. They would be released into landfills to comsume waste, but obviously something went wrong and he’s been infected.

We see on a monitor behind them that Jack has grown in size and started devouring the neighborhood. Out the window she can see army men gathering together. She asks what they are doing but the suits ignore her. She screams that they are going to hurt her husband and she breaks out.

She takes her car and drives back towards home. She is passing through a lot of destruction when her car is picked up by her giant husband and he goes to take a bite out of it. She screams and he stops. He breaks down and they talk and she says they can deal with this. She jokes that he didn’t even think they could handle one kid and now they have two, so whats the problem with this? He laughs and puts her down. He sees what he has done and as the army arrives she explains that everything is ok. They start to clean up.


We follow a line of garbage barges to a small island where Jack sits on the shore eating. Behind him is a table where Pam sits with the kids having breakfast, as a family.

The End.