Fake Movie Friday: Cymbol

Ok… I don’t even know where to start with this…


Terry just moved in from out of town to some new town. He starts his first day at school and there are all of these rumors about one of the kids being from a family of Satanists, the Goodfriends. Terry tries to befriend the girl from the family but she is not receptive to him.

There are scenes of him and other kids from school sneaking onto the Goodfriends property and trying to find evidence. They see weird stuff going on but no one will believe them. There are scenes of them telling the cops but the cops not doing anything. They tell  parents but no one cares.

The kids kidnap the daughter, but it turns out it’s on the night of a ceremony the Goodfriends were having. Terry thinking he had done something good was all happy until the realization occurs.

Turns out the Goodfriends weren’t evil and the town’s people are actually a demon summoning super cult that must be kept at bay by the Goodfriends.

Terry gets the girl back to her family, through all of the demons and hell spawn everywhere, where they finish the ritual.

They all live happily ever after.