Fake Movie Friday: Carnivalworld

Ok, it’s almost 9 and I just got home from work. Tigs told me this for a title. This WILL be quick


We start out in live action. A young boy named Tommy is playing outside. His father is mowing the lawn and his mother is hanging up laundry. They ask him to do his chores and he yells that he doesn’t want to. They send him to his room and he is furious.

Later that night he hears carnival music outside his window. He sneaks out and follows it into the park. It all seems to be coming from a tunnel. He walks into the darkness but as soon as he can see nothing around him lights begin to shine from the other end.

We switch to stop motion animation. He emerges into a huge carnival and is quickly swept up into a huge musical number that introduces Roger, the King of Carnival world. At one point during the number Tommy’s attention is drawn to a small, strange looking girl hiding behind one of the carnival rides. All the other characters are monsters, but this girl is slightly humanoid, dressed in rags.

Roger immediately likes Tommy, the strange kids from the other world. He dresses Tommy up in fancy clothing and takes him everywhere. Tommy notices the girls again. He asks Roger about it who oddly dismisses the question.

One night as he sleeps, Tommy sees the girl out his window. He follows her to a smaller, darker part of Carnivalworld. She is frightened of him but he calms her down. He learns that she comes from the race of beings that take care of Carnivalworld. They are forced to work all their lives, but are never allowed to play.

Tommy likes the girl and wants to help. He approaches Roger about what is going on and Roger flips out. Tommy is scared and runs. He starts to see the secrets of Carnivalworld. It’s not the happy fun place he thought.

He leads the others in a revolt and they take over Carnivalworld. Where some of the others want to enslave the king and his followers, Tommy explains that they all need to work if Carnivalworld is going to work. That it can’t all be fun. Everyone share, blah blah blah.

Tommy leaves Carnivalworld with the gratitude of the people. He returns home in bed the same night he left. His parents wake up the next morning to find breakfast on the table and Tommy doing laundry. They hug.

The end.


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    It was carnivalland.

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