Fake Movie Friday: Desert Wind

Hitting a large bucket at the driving range counts as exercise right? I need to be validated in how tired I now am. Title by Tigs. He is now my go to for titles.

Desert Wind

A car turns down a small desert road in the night. A couple emerges from it and they have clearly been drinking a little. They make out and fall to the ground as the wind starts to pick up. The guy stands up and starts unbuckling his belt as the lady squirms a bit on the ground commenting on the wind. She thinks she hears something strange and he tells her she is being paranoid. The wind picks up even more and we hear a quick high pitched wine as blood splatters all over her bare chest. She looks up to find him headless. She turns to run and we hear the sound again. She stops and looks down as her body splits in two at the waist.

Cut to the local sheriff’s office as an older Native American man stands at the sheriff’s desk. The sheriff ignores him as he talks about the stories of the wind riders. A hot deputy tells the sheriff that they found the bodies and he pushes past the Native American and out the door.

His soon to be ex wife stops the Sheriff before he gets to his car. He apparently forgot about his daughter’s recital the night before. He tries to apologize but the call of duty takes him away. His wife reminds him about his daughters over night trip to the museum. At the crime scene the coroner talks about the precision of the cuts, how they would have had to be made at such a high speed to be so clean.

In the distance the sheriff sees a construction site and decides to go take a look since there really isn’t anything else in the area. The rich dude who is building on the site tells him that no one was there the night before and they saw nothing that morning. He comes off as a real dick and tries to give the sheriff free shit to one of his hotels and casinos.

Later that night as some local meth heads are sneaking around the site to steal scrap metal and shit. The wind picks up and one is killed again by the mysterious noise. The other manages to hide in a port-a-potty as it is being sliced. The survivor is brought to the sheriff and tells the story of what happened. The sheriff doesn’t believe him but remembers the words of the old Native American man. He tracks him down and is told a boring story about the wind riders, a band of warriors famous for their skill, who were from the area.

Back at the construction site the wind picks up and more people are being killed and we start to see these flashes of human forms atop horses. The sheriff arrives with the old Native American after the carnage to find the mogul hiding. He tells him what he saw. The NA asks if they found any remains while digging the foundation. They did and he sent the bodies off. The NA says they are looking to get their bodies back into the ground to rest again. The sheriff asks where and the mogul tells him he sent them to the museum. This is when the sheriff remembers his daughters overnight trip.

Cut to the museum as the wind picks up and the children are getting scared as the windows start breaking. The sheriff rolls up. A bunch of people die as he makes his way to the bodies. Him, the hot deputy and the NA gather them up and bring them outside. They are now surrounded. They lay the bodies down as he slowly moves to the trunk of his car. The riders get anxious but stop when they she him reaching for a shovel. He digs fresh graves as the NA prays. They dissolve into the wind.

He picks up his daughter and puts her in the car. Him and the hot deputy make out because it’s the end of the movie and that’s how shit like this works.