Fake Movie Friday- Flight of the Bluebirds

I thought I would have some time at work to write this. Thus the great and powerful Tigs gave me this title earlier this afternoon. You’d think it would have been a good idea for me to think of a plot at some point the last 6 hours. Here we go!

The Flight of the Bluebirds

The camera follows a mosquito as it buzzes around a house down into a flowerbed. It flies around a bit before a bluebird swoops down devouring it. Our main character Joan sits in the garden reading, watching the bluebird. The sun is going down and she sighs, turning back into the house alone. In voice over she explains the bluebirds place in the garden. How it is an efficient bug killer and a good friend to any gardener. The partnership of the two is important; the bluebird will stay if the gardener provides safety and plants.

The next day she is at a nursery home visiting her father. He is senile and yells at her, calling her horrible names and trying to hit her. An orderly calms him down and she leaves quietly. She heads out and eats alone at the same diner she always does. The waitress talks to her and clearly they are friendly.

Turning down her street driving home she sees a handsome man, with his car crashed into a tree. He is groggy and she brings him home. He wakes up the next morning on her couch with his head wrapped. He finds her in the kitchen making breakfast. She turns to find him standing still with his shirt off. They joke a bit and he is flirty. She is clearly nervous.

He tells her he wants to repay her and offers to help around the house. He fixes a bunch of stuff. She offers to let him stay a bit to heal up as his car needs repairs. The next day he helps her with yard work. She tells him about the bluebirds. He jokes that it’s like him.

More time passes and he is still around, a bunch of weird stuff happens and he is a bit strange. She has started to buy him all sorts of lavish things. Nothing sexual has happened though her friend at the diner jokes about it. The nursing home calls since she has missed payments and she finds that her money is running low that she has gotten the man so much stuff.

She talks to him about it and asks for his help and he gets violent. He knocks her down in the garden. She turns and sees the bluebird and mutters, you were my bluebird. He kills her as the bluebird swoops down eating another mosquito.

The end.