Fake Movie Friday: The Last Mushroom

We have a problem. I’m off today and have had all day to write this. Tigs gave me a ton of great titles but I’ve had little to no motivation. Could this be the end of Fake Movie Friday? Probably Not. Maybe. Who knows?

The Last Mushroom

Kelly, a young girl, and her family move to the country. She is thrilled since she has always been a bit tomboyish and enjoys the outdoors. As soon as they arrive and her parents get to work setting up the house she goes off exploring.

She is walking through the woods and is convinced she is hearing laughter and someone singing. She follows the noise before being scared by old man. He tells her that he has lived by the forest a long long time and that there are strange things about. She is about to tell him about the singing and he gets upset and demands he tell her where. She runs from the man back home.

Back home days later her family has visitors, another family from the area and their son. His name is Billy, and he is shy and nerdy. Kelly tries to get him to go back into the woods. He nervously follows and again she is drawn to, not singing but crying this time. They find a lone mushroom in a clearing. She approaches it as the crying seems to be coming from it. As she gets closer it turns and they both scream. The mushroom runs off but knocks into Billy.

Kelly catches it. It screams and begs to not be taken to the old man. Kelly tries to calm and down. It tells them how the forest was once full of the mushroom people but the old man came. He has been taking them for hundreds of years and uses them to stay alive. He is the last one left, his name is Fung.

You get the idea so here is the wrap up- The three have a good time and such until the old man finds them. He takes Fung and Billy. Kelly has to save them and defeats the old man. Down under his cabin they find a prison of other mushrooms and Fung goes off with his new found brother and sisters back deep into the woods.

The end.